Foreclosure Prevention


Foreclosure Prevention

If you are struggling to make your payments on your first mortgage, home equity loan or line of credit serviced by Anchor Bank, we may be able to offer an assistance program that meets your current needs. The most important step is to let us know that you need assistance.


Depending on the current status of your loan, your individual circumstances, your loan type, and other factors, you may have several options to avoid foreclosure. Each of these options has requirements for eligibility.

Options may include modified repayment plans, temporary forbearance, refinancing, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or pre-foreclosure sale (“short sale”). The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) may also be an option to provide eligible borrowers with affordable first lien mortgage payments.

How you should prepare:

The most important step is to call us so that we can discuss your options. Before calling, you'll want to gather the following documents and be prepared to discuss your income and expenses:

  • Letter describing any circumstances that caused your income to be reduced or expenses to be increased
  • If self-employed, your most recent 1040 tax return and a year-to-date profit and loss statement
  • If salaried or a wage-earner, your most recent W-2 and a current pay stub
  • If on a fixed income or retired, your most recent benefits award letter or most recent bank statement reflecting direct deposit
  • Information about your savings and other assets
  • A current list of your debts and expenses

Beware of Scams! As more borrowers seek help with mortgage repayment, mortgage scams and fraudulent "solutions" have increased. No matter how you choose to deal with your situation, please take a few minutes to learn more about these scams. For information on how to identify and avoid mortgage modification and foreclosure rescue scams, please visit the FDIC 'Beware of Foreclosure and Loan Modification Scams' web page.


Call Us:

  • Please call us toll-free at 1.800.562.9744 to speak with an Anchor Bank customer service representative.

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI):

  • Free foreclosure counseling is available via funding from the State of Washington.
  • Contact the Washington State Homeownership Information Hotline at 1.877.894.HOME (1.877.894.4663) for more information or visit for more information.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may also offer assistance:

  • HUD is a government agency that supports home owners through free or low-cost counseling. To locate a counseling location near you, call 1.800.569.4287.

Explore the resources of the "Making Home Affordable" Program:

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